Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[forbes] Top 10 Big Data Pure-Plays 2014

Wikibon published today the “Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2013-2017” report which lists more than 70 big data vendors with total 2013 revenues of $18.6 billion, growing at an annual rate of 58%. Here are the top ten big data vendors that derived 100% of their 2013 revenues from big data products and services, according to Wikibon’s estimates:
Palantir                        $418 million    ($78 million in 2012)
Pivotal                         $300                    (NA)
Splunk SPLK +2.83%                         $283                   ($186)
Mu Sigma                   $160                   ($114)
Actian                          $138                   ($46)
Opera Solutions       $124                   ($118)
Mark Logic                 $96                      ($69)
Syncsort                      $75                     (NA)
Cloudera                    $73                      ($56)
MongoDB                   $62                      (NA)
Source: Wikibon 2014
Source: Wikibon 2014
From the report:
“It is critically important to understand how Wikibon defines Big Data as it relates to the market size overall and to revenue estimates for specific vendors in particular. Wikibon’s definition of Big Data contains two equally important parts.
First, from a technology perspective, Wikibon defines Big Data as those data sets whose size, type, and speed-of-creation make them impractical to process and analyze with traditional database technologies and related tools in a cost- or time-effective way

Second, Wikibon believes Big Data requires practitioners to embrace an exploratory and experimental mindset regarding data and analytics, one that replaces gut instinct with data-driven decision-making, and exchanges stubbornness for a willingness to question long-held assumptions. Projects whose processes are informed by this mindset meet Wikibon’s definition of Big Data, even in cases where some of the tools and technology involved may not.”

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