Friday, February 14, 2014

[securityintelligence] Learn About New Security Analytics and Fraud Protection Solutions at Pulse 2014

In this series of breakout sessions you can attend live demo’s, panel discussions, and interactive presentations where IBM experts and customers share their real-world security experiences, and solutions for the pressing security business problems of today.  There are a number of sessions you will not want to miss including:

  • IBM Security QRadar:  The Swiss Army Knife of Security Intelligence
  • Amplifying Security Intelligence with Big Data
  • How QRadar Can Help Protect Your Cloud Infrastructure
  • Big Data, Cloud, and Network Forensics Using Search Engine Technology
  • One Company’s Journey to SIEM Replacement
  • A Security Intelligence and Fraud Detection Solution for Telco Networks
So if you are a security professional in the Telco industry, are thinking of replacing your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, want to hear about malware protection, using a data scientist, or leveraging new forensics solutions to see the step-by-step actions of sophisticated cyber criminals, then this track is a “must” for you.
And it applies to almost any security professional in any industry, so be sure to check out the Security Analytics and Fraud Protection track at Pulse2014, you will definitely want to take part in it !

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