Monday, April 7, 2014

[fireeye] APT1: The State of the Hack One Year Later

A little over a year ago, Mandiant released a report that brought the term “Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT) into the public conversation and made these types of targeted attacks top of mind for government and commercial organizations around the world. Recently, FireEye COO, Kevin Mandia took the stage at RSA USA 2014 to take a look back and share his perspective on the activities that led to the release of the APT1 report and the aftermath.

While the initial report caused a media frenzy, unquestionably, the most important part of the story is the aftermath. Mandiant released the report to elevate the dialogue and address the frustration of organizations that were throwing money at cybersecurity problems and still facing attacks. Yet, the results were not what we expected.
Watch the video below for Kevin’s full speech and feel free to drop a comment below to continue the discussion.

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