Thursday, February 27, 2014

[fireeye] Live from RSA USA 2014: Talking Security with Martin Brown, Chief Security Portfolio Architect at BT Security Enterprise

The excitement and buzz at the RSA Conference has everyone talking security and we are no exception. In fact, during the conference, we are gathering up industry leaders and influencers and asking them to provide their perspectives on the biggest issues in cybersecurity in 2014 for our podcast series hosted by FireEye Chief Security Strategist, Richard Bejtlich.

On the first day of the conference, Richard sat down with Martin Brown, Chief Security Portfolio Architect at BT. Richard and Martin discussed the state of the security industry, new threats on the horizon, and what role next generation security products play within these advanced cyber threats.
Brown explains how anti-virus alone is not enough for organizations and that there needs to be a blend of conventional and non-conventional solutions with skills and process to deal with targeted attacks. He uses the analogy of the footprints in the sand. Detecting the footprints, analyzing the shoe size, determining the weight of the person all can be determined with traditional products. But if you look out to sea you notice the “ripples in the water.” These rings are developing from the center point. Traditional tools can’t determine what caused the ripple effects, but newer technologies, like FireEye, can rewind time and look back to see what originally caused the ripple effect.

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